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Universal Bearing Installer Tool

The EZ-Driver is a bearing installer tool and component installation system designed to properly install ball and tapered roller bearings on to a shaft. From automotive to marine drivers to motorcycle/ATV usage and beyond. This method will provide your profession the opportunity to increase productivity.

The Master Set includes 28 different Force Distributors in 2 styles, which are used to apply pressure/force to the correct area of the bearing to eliminate damage of races, cones or cages. Consisting of 33 pieces and tubes can accommodate 1.800″ shaft maximum for light and medium duty applications. Tapered Roller Bearing Force Distributors range from 1″ to 2 1/8″ inner diameter. ball Bearing Force Distributors range from 1″ inner diameter by 2″ outer diameter 1 3/4″ inner diameter by 3 7/8″ diameter. Technicians can create over 200 different set-ups to use on hundreds of different makes/models of vehicles and tools.

The EZ-Driver also installs gears, sleeves, hubs, seals, synchro assemblies, suspension bushings, sprockets and pulleys onto a shaft. With a press system can pass-thru a long shaft and install a component at its base. The most efficient, versatile installation system manufactured in the USA. Constructed with 10/26 carbon steel, it is durable enough to last a lifetime and yet forgiving enough not to damage components.

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Ez-Driver Bearing Installation Kit • Accurate - Allow precise positioning of component • Configurable - Can be used with hand tools or in a press • Convenient - All tools packaged in one carrying case that can be brought to any work site • Fast - Distributes force evenly eliminating 'rocking' parts into place • Safe - User friendly for tapered roller bearings, ball bearings, gears, seals and sleeves and more.

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Manufactured by Mayhew Steel Products with a Lifetime Guarantee* Replacement Parts Available.
Patent #8,046,889B2 Universal Installation Tool for Bearings
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